The GPC EG Awards recognize the important contribution governance professionals make in terms of best practices that build and sustain shareholder and stakeholder value.  The awards underscore the critical role that good governance plays in sustaining the value of Canada’s public companies, crown corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations, contributing to the competitiveness of Canada’s economy and its capital markets.

GPC is committed to support and enhance the role of the corporate secretary and governance professionals in Canada. The Society’s members work on the front lines of governance and the organization is well positioned through reputation, influence and representation, to celebrate the practice of good governance in Canada.

The Excellence in Governance Awards jury panel is composed of seasoned and well-respected governance experts from across Canada.

Candidates eligible for nomination include individuals who play a role in the governance of their organizations, and those who have made a significant contribution to governance in other capacities, including public service.

GPC will seek nominations from the public in the following award categories:

  • Best Practice in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Best Overall Corporate Governance
  • Best Sustainability Governance Team
  • Best Approach to Achieving Effective Board and Committee Operations
  • Best Practices to Enhance Boardroom Diversity
  • Best practices in strategic planning, oversight and value creation by the board
  • Best Engagement by a Governance Team
  • Best Pay for Performance
  • Joyce Borden-Reed distinguished contribution award
  • Peter Dey governance achievement award

GPC expects that the recognition winners and nominees alike will gain from these awards will further their careers, raise awareness for the key role played by governance professionals, and inspire others to follow their example.

Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC) Announces Winners of the Fourth Annual Excellence in Governance Awards (EGAs)

Governance Professionals of Canada (“GPC”) handed out the fourth Annual Excellence in Governance Awards (“EGAs”) last night at their dinner and ceremony held at The Carlu in Toronto, attended by over 300 people.


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